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  • Ben Profile


    Competitive Male Urbanites

    Male, recent graduates, with a ‘work-hard, play-hard’ attitude

    5% of all adults; 10% of adult men

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  • Jamie Profile


    Sports Team Lads

    Young blokes enjoying football, pints and pool

    5% of all adults; 11% of adult men

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  • Chloe Profile


    Fitness class friends

    Young image-conscious females keeping fit and trim

    5% of all adults; 9% of adult women

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  • Leanne Profile


    Supportive Singles

    Young busy mums and their supportive college mates

    4% of all adults; 8% of adult women

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  • Helena Profile


    Career-Focussed Females

    Single professional women, enjoying life in the fast lane

    5% of all adults; 9% of adult women

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  • Tim Profile


    Settling Down Males

    Sporty male professionals, buying a house and settling down with partner

    9% of all adults; 18% of adult men

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  • Alison Profile


    Stay at Home Mums

    Mums with a comfortable, but busy, lifestyle

    4% of all adults; 9% of adult women

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  • Jackie Profile


    Middle England Mums

    Mums juggling work, family and finance

    5% of all adults; 10% of adult women

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  • Kev Profile


    Pub League Team Mates

    Blokes who enjoy pub league games and watching live sport

    6% of all adults; 12% of adult men

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  • Paula Profile


    Stretched Single Mums

    Single mums with financial pressures, childcare issues and little time for pleasure

    4% of all adults; 7% of adult women

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  • Philip Profile


    Comfortable Mid-Life Males

    Mid-life professional, sporty males with older children and more time for themselves

    9% of all adults; 18% of adult men

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  • Elaine Profile


    Empty Nest Career Ladies

    Mid-life professionals who have more time for themselves since their children left home

    6% of all adults; 12% of adult women

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  • Roger & Joy Profile

    Roger & Joy

    Early Retirement Couples

    Free-time couples nearing the end of their careers

    7% of all adults; 6% of adult women, 8% of adult men

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  • Brenda Profile


    Older Working Women

    Middle aged ladies, working to make ends meet

    5% of all adults; 10% of adult women

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  • Terry Profile


    Local ‘Old Boys’

    Generally inactive older men, low income and little provision for retirement

    4% of all adults; 8% of adult men

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  • Norma Profile


    Later Life Ladies

    Older ladies, recently retired, with a basic income to enjoy their lifestyles

    2% of all adults; 4% of adult women

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  • Ralph & Phyllis Profile

    Ralph & Phyllis

    Comfortable Retired Couples

    Retired couples, enjoying active and comfortable lifestyles

    4% of all adults; 5% of adult men, 4% of adult women

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  • Frank Profile


    Twilight Year Gents

    Retired men with some pension provision and limited sporting opportunities

    4% of all adults; 8% of adult men

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  • Elsie & Arnold Profile

    Elsie & Arnold

    Retirement Home Singles

    Retired singles or widowers, predominantly female, living in sheltered accommodation

    8% of all adults; 2% of adult men, 14% of adult women

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